For the full instrumentation of flight simulators, we provide the data communications systems, specially developed by us for simulators. Allowing the easiest, quickly, efficient and full integration of all systems simulators. Designed to take into account all the specifications necessary for the simulation. The CAN network distributed system was designed so as to implement a data communications network in a flight simulator. Since the system is decentralized, the modules can be distributed to ensure a greater coverage of the struture and due to their small size they can be easily accommodated in all small areas.

The control loading system is a unit which, when added to the flight controls of the simulator, aims to translate the behavior of the aircraft in the real situation in terms of forces applied to the commands. The information of the applied forces to the commands should not be neglected during the training of pilots, the control loading system aims to translate the behavior aircraft commands in a real situation, to the simulator. We developed control loading systems for military and commercial simulators, for fixed and rotary wing aircraft.